Tornado! (06.05.09)

My buddy Mike L and I drove north to do some storm chasing, and managed to track down a tornado. You can see the pictures I took Here.

Mikes video:

iPhone Theme (04.19.09)

I made a Steampunk theme for Winterboard. You can download it Here.


Cellphone pics! (03.30.09)

Ok, I've made one small change: Instead of using FTPOnTheGo to upload my files, I'm using Pixelpipe to upload pictures to the folder I use my homepage, and to my gallery. FTPOnTheGo still works, but the Pixelpipe app is faster and more streamlined.

Cellphone pics! (03.22.09)

If you look to the left side of the page, below Podcasts menu, I added a list of cell phone pics.

I recently got an iPhone 3G, and it has all sorts of fun stuff. One of those things is an app called FTPOnTheGo, which lets me log into and even edit files on my FTP site. It also lets me conveniently upload pictures I take. So, with a crash course in PHP under my belt, I now have a list of the last ten pics to be uploaded. Pretty nifty, huh? Well, I think so anyway. I got to learn some new stuff, and it all actually works.

The PHP code (Right click, save as)

Image gallery added (12.21.08)

I now have an image gallery. It will mostly just have my Farktography contest entries.

Games Updated (12.05.08)

Games page updated, COC:WAW custom classes list created.

I need a job! (12.04.08) Updated (10.12.09)

Well, I told myself I wasn't going to do any blogging, but I guess you could call this blog-like activity. Oh well.
I got laid off recently, so I am looking for a new drafting job in the Denver area. I have excellent AutoCAD and Revit Structure skills, and skills related to them. I am also good at R&D, and training other people. If you would like to see my resume, please send me an email.

Update: I now have a job!

Outdoor Stuff added (07.15.08)

I added some .kmz files and pictures here.

Updated (07.13.08)

I just got Dreamweaver, so I am trying to clean up my site. If you see anything broken (I already know about the "Menu 4". I'm going to put something there. Really), or you have a sugestion for an improvement, please let me know.

Updated (06.09.08)

A while ago I made a case for a Thompson SMG. The owner had it covered and lined, so it is finally finished. The pictures can be found Here

Updated (02.28.08)

Added links and podcast navigation, added several pages of content.

New (only!) content added (02.25.08)

I have decided (and found the time) to add some content to my website. I might actually continue to update it.

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