AK Notepad - Notepad with alarms
Aldiko - E-book reader
AndFTP - FTP client
Calendar Pad - Calendar widget
Pakoomba Call Reminder - Automatic and manual call back reminders
ConvertPad - Lots of conversions
Google Earth
First Aid
FTPServer - Access your phone via FTP
GO Launcher EX - Home screen launcher
Google Goggles
Google Sky Map
Make Your Own Clock Widget
MixZing - A better music player
Pixelpipe - Upload photos/videos to various sites
PocketCloud - Remote desktop client
PolyClock - World clocks
PYKL3 Radar - Weather radar
RadarScope - Somewhat easier to use weather radar
RealCalc - Scientific calculator
Ringdroid - Create ringtones/alarms/notifications from sound files on your phone
Shooter - Ballistic calculator
Spark 360 - Keep track of XBL friends
The Weather Channel - Good weather app
Transdroid - Remote torrent access
Tricorder - Reads sensor output, makes Star Trek sounds
Google Voice - Free visual voicemail
Widget Locker - Better lock screen, allows adding widgets to the lock screen
Wifi Analyzer - Monitors WiFi


Air Penguin
Angry Birds
Robot Unicorn Attack